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Optometrist salary Vs Opthamologists Salary: How much does an optometrist make in the US? How to become an optometrist? Learn about the optometrist profession here.

If you are thinking about a career in optometry, then naturally you will be asking yourself about the potential salary/income that you can expect in this specialist field. One thing is to to enjoy what one chooses as a profession, but it also has to be worth it in financial terms, lets be honest. It will take at least four years of training to become an optometrist (on top of undergraduate training), so to be able to look forward to a respectable income is a must.

The average Optometrist Salary is calculated by the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The average optometrists salary depend on the location and the the job setting, there is a difference in pay, for example, form the private sector to the salaries of an optometrist employed at a public school etc.

Optometrist Salary: Median pay for an average 40 hour working week.

Hourly salary for an optometrist:

The optometrist average salary is $52 per hour. This ranges from the lowest 10%, who  earn $23 per hour while  those in the upper 10%can  earn more than $80.00 per hour.

Annually salary for an optometrist:

On an annual basis the median optometrist salary is $106,960, (2002) which ranges from $48,240 per year to more than $166,400 per year, which is the salary of the top 10%. It is very possible to earn more than this in affluent areas, in the private sector.

Optometrists in a private practice earned a median salary of approximately $120,227 per year in 2002 survey. The highest reported salary was over $600,000 per year and the lowest was $48,000. Thsi compares favourable to the British median optometry salary of 27.000 £ per year.

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