Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews.

Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews, Information and prices. Does the Tummy Tuck Belt really work?

The tummy tuck belt is one of the newest slimming system crazes around. Found at www.tummytuckbelt.com, the system requires you to wear a belt around your stomach area at least 10 minutes a day .

How the Tummy Tuck belt Works:

The 10 Minute Method is supposed to ignite a fat burning chain reaction that’ sets off a domino effect melting fat away from your belly’ that continues long after you’ve taken off the belt. This is according to the companys website. Not surprisingly, their website is very vague about the actual science behind the system, though they do provide videos and some thermal ‘heat’ before and after photos of the stomach area, that show the heating effect.

First, you have to apply a cream and then do abdominal crunches for 2 minutes and then spend the last 8 minutes of your 10 minute session, just wearing the belt without doing exercise. Sounds easy..

How much does the tummy tuck belt cost?

The cost is reasonable 39.98$ or 2 payments of 19.95$.  + 6.99$ handling and shipping fee.This price is for both men and women versions.

Tummy Tuck Reviews: Does the Tummt Tuck belt really work?

This product has been widely advertised in Tv-informercials arounsd the country, and it is very convincing. The Tv-informercial, that is.

We have gathered a variety of Tummy Tuck Belts from around the web, so judge for yourself if the product actual works or not:

First reviewer:

‘It seemed so incredible and yet it was a seductive pitch: wear this belt and rub on some lotion while you do two minutes of abdominal exercise everyday and see that belly shrink down. If not satisfied in 30 days, then they will refund you. I can tell you that this product did not work for me. The thermal accelerator cream was kind of nasty and flaked on your skin.  On top of that, they automatically start sending you more tubes of that lotion which they charge you $19.95 plus $6.99 shipping and handling fee.

Second review:

This one is not much more positive: ‘In the commercial they claim two universities have performed studies to confirm their claims. What are the names of these two universities? What type of studies? We’re never told the answers. How long do you have to continue ? We’re never told.

All good points, i say. If a companys miracle studies behind it that shows it works, then they would not be shy about shouting it from the rooftop. But there is no reall info on proof on their website.

Ok, some positive reviews:

Third review: Jason says:

After reading all of the posted comments, I understand why some would be skeptical… I was also but my thought process was (I have wasted $ on a lot worse) so figured I would give it a try. After the first week of using the product I lost 1 1/2 inch ccombined with my usual workout routine, today completed my second week and I lost an additional 1 inch off my tummy area with my normal workout routine. So with that said, I’m not saying that everyone will receive the same results, however I don’t feel that its fair to say the product does not work.

Fourth review:  stephanie says:

I’ve used this product and I’ve lost  3 inches of my waist in a week in a half, so it does work!!


Well, all in all, its hard to completely debunk this product without having tried it myself, however there are 2 other issues that are a little problematic:

The Cream: Many complain that the cream itself , that is suppose to carry thermal activation ingredients, consists of ingredients that can be found at your local stores.

Tummy Tuck Belt: Any tight fitting spandex clothing can probably do the same thing for your abdominal area, as this simple looking belt.


-If you have tried the Tummy Tuck Belt, then please leave your review in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. For more about traditional Tummy Tuck procedures, please see our front page.

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  1. Sergio X

    It does not work as they promise on TV. Anyone claiming to have taken any inches off is already on a diet & exercise while wearing the elastic band; but not the effect by wearing the band. The cream does not have any significant effect as burning fat either.-that’s the sad truth, unfortunately. Beware: The company tries so hard to sell you more product making you purchase more of their products. Don’t fall for this gimmick.

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