TUMMY FIX from NIP + FAB: Learn all about the amazing new ‘Tummy Tuck in a Tube’ stomach firming creams from Nip + Fab.

If you are thinking about having a tummy tuck, but is put off by the cost or complication and invasiveness of a full abdominoplasty procedure, then you should research stomach firming creams/ fat removal creams. The science in this area have come along way and one of the best on the market is Nip + Fab’s Tummy Fix fat removal cream.

If the success of that company’s ‘Bust Fix‘ breast enlargement cream is anything to go by, then they have a winner on their hands.  That product seem to ACTUALLY work,  and their Tummy Fix and Celulite Fix creams, are similarly growing in popularity.

But what is actually in this new cream? Read on.


TUMMY FIX: The Nip Fab range also include a TUMMY FIX stomach firming cream, a CELLULITE FIX cream and a LEG FIX cream,as seen in the photo.


As our website is primarily about tummy tuck information, this product might be of interest to you.

Nip + Fab also markets this ‘Tummy Fix’ product that efficiently reduces stomach fat.

From Nib and Fabs own website:

“Created with a revolutionary formula ‘amarashape’ this clinically proven product will help to tone, smooth, tighten and slim the tummy area. AmaraShape is a highly effective combination of fat burning actives to refine body contours such as waist, thighs, buttocks, and hips. The active substances are caffeine and synephrine. Both ingredients activate the breakdown of lipids in fat cells of the adipose tissue (body fat).
A human study with AmaraShape showed (after 6 weeks’ treatment)
• abdominal girth was reduced by 2.5 cm • skin smoothness was increased by + 23%
Tummy Fix contains:
caffeine active burns + eliminates fat cellssynephrine smoothes + tightenslecithin softens + hydrates.”

Where can I buy Tummy Fix?

This new product is currently available at Target Stores in ths Us, and at Boots and Harvey Nichol stores in the UK.

For the lowest prices, see this very website, howewer.

So does Tummy Fix really work? We want your input, so please leave a comment in the section below if you have experiences with the Tummy Fix cream or the Cellulite Fix cream from Nip + Fab.





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