SHORT HAIR STYLES 2012 is a page for the latest short haircut trends in 2012 and beyond. Which cuts are out and which are here to stay? We will list some of the most popular short hairstyles at the moment and will add to the list as the year is one its way, when the newest summertrends are identifiable.

Please add your say in the comment section below, if you know if a particular short hair style that should be included. Ofcourse, this can never be a definitive hairstyle fashion list, as fashion by definition will change and IS changing right now, but at the very least the list will hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas for your next visit to the hairdresser.


The ‘pixie’ hair cut, made popular by British celebrities in particular, is still going strong in 2012 and probably increase its popularity in the US and elsewhere:

Pixie Haircut -Emma Watson
Pixie Haircut -The 'pixie' hairstyle has been made popular by actresses such as Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and Halle Berry

The ‘Bowl Cut’ is also known as a pot haircut, or a mushroom cut. This ole favourite hairstyle is a haircut where the hair is cut short on the sides and back and looking as though someone put a bowl on the head and cut off all the visible hair. Its been around for a long time, but has been making a fashion comeback lately.

Short bowl hairstyles 2012. The famous 'Bowl Cut' hairstyle
Short bowl hairstyles 2012: The famous 'Bowl Cut' hairstyle has been made popular again by celebrities like Rihanna.

The womens short ‘boy cut’ hairstyle is very popular these days, especially ij fashion ‘meccas’  like london  and New York.

Womens short boy cut hairstyle anno 2012
Womens short 'boy cut' hairstyle anno 2012: often you will see one side of the head, only one side, almost shaved, leaving the other side with longer hair. Its a very popular short hairstyle in london's Trendy Hoxton area.


Men’s short hair styles of 2012 are as usually dictated by rockstars and increasingly by sportstars aswell. This ‘Faux Hawk’ short hairstyle is destined to become of the mainstay men’s haircuts of 2012 and 2013.

fauxhawk copies the style of a mohawk, but without shaving the sides of the head. The fauxhawk is typically worn with a small  spike in the middle, though usually considerably shorter than many traditional mohawks. It England it is known as the ‘Howton Fin’  and elsewhere as the ‘Euro-Hawk’.

Fauxhawk short Haircuts For Men. Fauxhawk Hairstyle
Fauxhawk short Haircuts For Men: The Fauxhawk Hairstyle has been worn by David Beckham the footballer, and here, the lead singer of maroon 5.

We value feedback. please leave more suggestions for 2012 and 2103 hairstyles in the comment section.

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