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Opthamologist News

Welcome to the Opthamologist News page (Ophthalmologist News ). This page is intended as a quick update on whats going on in the world of Opthamology, including ophthalmology studies, news and general articles. Have a browse and see if something catches your eye. We have also added another  Opthalmology news page, that includes only the … Continue reading


Opthamologist: What is an Opthamologist? Welcome to the Online Opthamologist Guide. Here you will find general information about ophthalmology (or “opthalmology”, as most people tend to spell it), and the Opthamologist profession. Furthermore, you can now also read about the Optometrist profession, Eye doctors and you can even search for opthamologists online. Plus, we have added a … Continue reading

Pediatric Opthamologist

PEDIATRIC OPTHAMOLOGIST | PEDIATRIC OPHTHALMOLOGY What is a Pediatric Opthamologist and where can I find one ? A Pediatric Opthamologist is a speciality of ophthalmology concerned withthe  eye diseases and  development of the eye of children. In the US, pediatric opthamologists (ophthalmologists) must complete medical school, plus a 1-year internship, followed  by a 3-year residency in ophthalmology, … Continue reading

Opthamologist VS Optometrist

OPTHAMOLOGIST SALARY vs OPTOMETRIST SALARY. If you are looking into becoming an opthamologist (ophthalmologist) , then naturally you would like to know how much a typical opthamologist salary is, in the US. You will likely also want to know about the education that you will need, the fields of ophthalmologist that you can choose between, and … Continue reading

The Best Opthamologists in America

OPTHAMOLOGISTS | EYE DOCTORS in AMERICA: Below you will find a list of some of the best opthamologists in America. The list is of course incomplete, as the field of ophthalmology is constantly changing and to list ALL competent opthalmologists in America would be a very long list indeed. This list, however, describes a number … Continue reading


PRK LASEK vs LASIK SURGERY. Welcome. This is a comprehensive list of the main difference between LASEK (PRK surgery) and LASIK surgery. The list below will show in a clear and concise way of the Lasek vs Lasik problem: Which laser eye surgery type to choose. Of course, first you must consult an opthamologist or … Continue reading

Eye Problems and Health Articles

Welcome to the article page for eye problems and general eye health. Here we will feed the latest articles in the field of ophthalmology and general eye health. If you are an optometrist or trained ophthalmologist, you may want to have a look at our Ophthalmology news pages, that deal with news and studies in … Continue reading

Ophthalmology Journal News

Welcome to the Ophthalmology Journal News page! This page will showcase the latest news from the world of Ophthalmology, as published by The British Journal of Ophthalmology (BMJ). For the British Ophthalmology Journal Archives, please visit . These news items are mainly specific study results that are relevant to the layman. We have also added … Continue reading

Optometrist Salary

OPTOMETRIST SALARY Optometrist salary Vs Opthamologists Salary: How much does an optometrist make in the US? How to become an optometrist? Learn about the optometrist profession here. If you are thinking about a career in optometry, then naturally you will be asking yourself about the potential salary/income that you can expect in this specialist field. … Continue reading


OPTOMETRISTS | EYE DOCTORS. Whats is an Optometrist? Optometry is the branch of medicine that deals with eyes and eyes-related structures,  visual systems, and vision information processing in humans. Optometrists are healthcare professionals who provide primary vision care ranging from sight testing and correction to the diagnosis and treatment  of vision changes. Optometrists are qualified … Continue reading

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