It is possible to relieve the pink eye symptoms somewhat at home, but for proper treatment of pink eye, several effective treatment and medications are available.

Pink eye treatment options depends on whether your conjunctivitis is caused by a virus or bacteria. Antibiotic eye ointments or drops may help bacterial forms of conjunctivitis, but these won’t work for viral forms.
Eye doctors don’t normally prescribe medication for viral conjunctivitis, as it usually clears up on its own within 7-10 days. However, in severe and persistent cases medications can be prescribed. See the PINK EYE REMEDIES section.

For allergic conjunctivitis, artificial tears may help dilute irritating allergens  present in your tear film. Antihistamine allergy pills or eye drops can also help control the allergic pink eye symptoms.

For all types of conjunctivitis:

Warm compresses placed on the outside of the eyelids and lubricating eye drops will often help the eyes feel better.

For more information on conjunctivitis treatment, have a look also at the


and the section for CONJUNCTIVITIS MEDICATIONS, for a list of the generic drugs used to treat conjunctivitis with.

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