How to make your hair grow faster with Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo.

You might have heard about a new shampoo for hair growth by the name of Alpecin lately. This is a german hair shampoo that has been talked about a lot in the media, due to its novel hair growth stimulating ingredient, that old faithful miracle substanse called Caffeine. Yes, caffeine of coffee fame. But does it actually work?  This article will help you decide.

ALPECIN CAFFEINE SHAMPOO: The ALPECIN C1 CAFFEINE SHAMPOO comes in different sizes and also as a ALPECIN LIQUID, which can be a little harder on the scalp.
ALPECIN CAFFEINE SHAMPOO: The ALPECIN C1 CAFFEINE SHAMPOO comes in different sizes and also as a ALPECIN LIQUID, which can be a little harder on the scalp.


What is ALPECIN Caffeine shampoo?

Alpecin’s ‘After Shampoo Liquid’ contains caffeine and is said to tackle genetic hair loss. The manufacturers of Alpecin base these claims on studies undertaken by the University of Jena which showed that caffeine stimulates weakened hair roots. The study, carried out in January 2007, involved hair follicles being removed from balding men and artificially grown in a laboratory. The follicles were then all exposed to testosterone and some were also exposed to caffeine. The follicles that were exposed to testosterone showed reduced growth (as occurs in Male Pattern Hair Loss) while the follicles that were exposed to testosterone and caffeine seemed to be less affected by the testosterone and also stimulated new growth.

Does ALPECIN caffeine shampoo work for hair loss ?

While these results seem to suggest that caffeine prevents the negative effects of testosterone and is a cure for genetic hair loss, there is a question over how successful it is when applied outside of a laboratory, directly onto the human scalp.Alpecin claims to have conducted its own research on its products – these show positive results but on only very small numbers. Indeed, before a conclusive answer can be given on caffeine’s effectiveness as a hair loss treatment, much more research needs to be carried out on a much larger scale. This type of research involves large-scale clinical trials in order to accurately understand the effects of caffeine on the human scalp, how much needs to be absorbed to prevent hair loss and how much caffeine can be safely absorbed by the human body.

Will it work for you? Well, its a fairly new shampoo product that is mainly used in Germany and that has recently been introduced to the UK.  There is still not much research available, but some users are reporting some success with Alpecin for Hair Loss:

These Alpecin reviews are from various hair loss forums around the internet:

SYNYSTER says: “A while back about a year after I started using Alpecin and taking vitamins. My hair was thinning quite rapidly on top and people were noticing and commenting on it, it was itching a hell of a lot as well. Another year on of washing my hair every 1-2 days and taking one multi vitamin a day my hair is thicker than it has been in 2 years. I did consider taking fin and seeking other possibilities as after the first year things weren’t looking much better but I stuck with the simple route and its worked out so far. I think patience is the key to combating hair loss and although in a years time I could have lost all my hair (you just don’t know) I’m happy with what Ive got at the moment. I don’t think it is a cure for baldness but I just wanted to share for anyone who has just started to lose their hair or is worried about it thinning. It’s a lot cheaper than most stuff as well.”

DB12345 says: “Alpecin is actually quite good. It was the first shampoo I ever tried to try and fight hair loss. I started to recede at 17 odd and did not bother with it until I was 18 then bought alpecin for 1 year and in that year my hair didn’t recede anything as bad between 18 to 19 as it did between 17 and 18. Probably just a coincidence, who knows? It’s got zinc and caffeine in it so maybe there’s some benefit. I left it on longer than the 2 mins it suggested, more like 20 mins. + its German lol. Yea I got it at boots too in the uk, £4.99 I think it was and I also got the liquid stuff with it. Yea the stuff IS NOT scalp friendly I can tell everyone that and this is coming from me who has been on Nizoral 2% everyday for a year and a half without issues. It even says on either the bottle or the website that the shampoo removes moisture from the hair to give it a fuller looking effect ie so it doesn’t clump so it probably doesn’t do much for the scalp either. I also probably overused it in respect to leaving it on too long which sometimes resulted in a residue being left on my scalp if I didn’t wash enough of it out. Other than that the stuff is good at what it does. I am 90% sure that this thickens existing hair and even darkens miniaturised hair. Reason was because when i stopped Alpecin a year and a half ago and changed to fin and niz all the miniturised hairs on my hairline changed colour from light browny to blond and they have never returned to that dark colour that I had with Alpecin. It really makes me want to add it back in since I think iv still got some left.”

HAIRON says: “I’ve been using Alpecin C1 and ASL for 3 months. Although they say It should be used effectively for 4 months before You could notice an improvement, I have a legit right to post results since I’ve noticed some.First of all, I’ll tell you my surveys and how I have fought against hairloss for years.
In the year of 2003 I started using Minoxidil 2%. I washed my hair every day using Green Tea. Zinc and B6 pyridoxine were taken orally every day. Minoxidil definetely grew some hair in the vertex area. Crown area showed moderate growth. The frontal area was almost unaffected except showing some vellus growth at temples and frontal hairline. After 3 years I switched to Alpecin.
My idea was to regenerate and regrow hair using minoxidil and then the hair that was regrown stimulate further with alpecin. I must state that I’ve been using Alpecin C1 and ASL on a daily basis, never skipping a day during these 3 months and frequently I apply ASL 2 times a day. I am also taking Zinc+B complex along with Green Tea and Green tea tablets.For the first month my hair was shedding and it was thinner and thinner, since I stopped applying minox. After 3 months I noticed that vellus hair turned into temporal hair and all hair roots that were viable turned from white, to brown( I am a blonde guy). The frontal area is completely empowered. The hair at frontal and side temple areas are showing some regrowth. It is my presumption that vellus hair which was regrown by minoxidil turned into temporal hair by applying C1 and ASL. Since caffeine is a vasoconstrictor it shouldn’t be applied along with minox. since they will cancel eachother effects.
Hair shedding is a past now and definetely the regrowing hair is showing signs of color and structure change.

– So there you have it, some people do report a hair growth effect from the Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo. Its quite a cheep product, a bottle costs around 5-8 euros (7 to 10$), so why not give it a try.

For more information on how to make your hair grow faster with vitamins and hair growth products, please see the front page HOW TO MAKE YOUR HAIR GROW FASTER .

W value your input, so if you have any questions about Alpecin or would like to share your Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo review, then please do so in the comment section.

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