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DO EYE LASHES GROW BACK ? Learn about eye lash growth and how to grow your eye lashes longer. Do eye Lashes grow back by themselves ?

If you have lost eye lashes due to cosmetic ‘accidents’ such as removing false eye lashes or by using an eyelash curler, for example, then at first you might be panicking a little. Long eye lashes are an important part of your visual identity and your facial beauty, and the fear of losing them permantly is daunting. However, most of the time, there is nothing to fear.


Like any hairs, it is normal for eyelashes to fall out and to then be replaced by other hairs growing in their places. However, eyelashes do have cycles that are different from the cycles of normal scalp hairs.
Eyelashes are an important safety system for the eyes.  They alert the eye that something is moving toward it before it actually gets there, allowing the eye time to close. But aside from their practical use, eyelashes are also esteemed as an attractive part of the face.
All human hairs go through three stages during their growth and development. One stage is anagen. This is the active, growing phase. For eyelashes, this phase lasts 30 to 45 days. Eyelashes are short because this phase is far shorter than the two- to six-year growth phase of ‘traditional scalp hairs. During this phase, the hair will keep growing.
Next is  the catagen phase.  An eyelash in this phase is no longer growing in this phase. The sheath of the outer root of the eyelash shrinks during this phase and attaches itself to the hair’s root. The hair follicle is not making hair during this phase. If the eyelash falls out during the two to three weeks of this phase, it will not grow back until after the follicle’s catagen phase is over.
The phase where almost all hair fall out is the ‘telogen phase’.  A hair in this phase will rest for about 100 days before eventually falling out. An eyelash that is in this phase may come out sooner if you tuck gently at it. Losing an eyelash during this phase is nothing to worry about, as the eyelashes will gro back quickly.
Pulling out eyelashes or plucking them means that the eyelashes that were in the active growth or transitional phases will not be able  to begin new hair growth as quickly as one that was lost naturally at the end of its resting, telogen, stage. But, no matter what phase the eyelash is lost in, the eyelash will eventually grow back. It can take weeks or months before you have a new eyelash, depending on when it was lost. Losing your eyelashes for a certain period may be a result of lack of protein in your diet. In this case, with little bit of care, eyelashes do grow back. Lack of eyelashes due to accident, surgery, or a medical condition must be talked over with with a physician to get an answer to this question.

But YES, in general, eyelashes will grow back!

Do Eyelashes grow back ? For some patients, eyelashes are lost as the result of a medical condition. This picture shows a successful Eyelash Transplant.
Do Eyelashes grow back ? For some patients, eyelashes are lost as the result of a medical condition. This picture shows a successful Eyelash Transplant.


One ‘natural’ trick for eye lash growth is to dab the eyelids with little bit of castor oil oil every night until you see signs of hair growth. However, there is no scientific proof for this solution, it is merely a anecdotal solution.

Also, you may have heard about putting vaseline on your eye lashes at night, in order to make your eye lashes grow longer and fuller. But likewise, there is no proof to back this up. Vaseline only make the eye lashes LOOK longer and fuller..

Eyelash growth products like eyelash enhancers, eyelash growth stimulators are becoming more effective day by day, however.

But if the loss of hair is due to skin problem, accident, or any other medical condition it is best to consult a dermatologist or a physician. Go for transplants if necessary or simply follow the doctor’s prescription when it comes to usage of drugs to get your eyelashes to grow back.

Eye lash transplants is a last, but effective, resort, for people with medical condition.

-If you have experiences with loosing eye lashes, then please add a comment below. Also, for eye lash growth products, please see the various relevant links on this site. Thank you for reading ‘ DO EYELASHES GROW BACK’



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