BUST FIX: Does it work? Learn all about the revolutionary ‘Boob Job in a Tube’  BUST FIX breast firming cream from NIP + FAB.

For any women in this day and age, a breast firming AND enlarging cream, that ACTUALLY WORKS is the holy grail of beauty products. One revolutionary new product claims to have cracked the nut and come up with a breast enlargement cream, that is proven to increase your breast size. The name? BUST FIX from Nip + Fab.

But we women are a sceptical lot. Years and years of buying beauty products with ‘miracle’ solutions, have left many of us with the sour taste of dissapointment in our mouths. Simply put, the outlandish claims of the manufacturers very rarely hold up in reality.

And this new product does indeed claim to be a miracle serum: To increase your bust size by 3/4 to 1 whole size, just by using a cream, is a miracle. If it works. But judging by the first reviews coming out from happy female customers, there just might be some working science behind this ‘Boob Job in a Tube’.


BUST FIX BREAST CREAM from NIP + FAB: This revolutionary new breast plumping cream is making waves around the world. It is available in a 100 ml tube.

The Bust Fix cream is a very new product, that has only recently been in the media:


The Bust Fix product was recently featured in the Daily Mail in the UK, prompting a minor stampede on the Boots retailer  from interested woman looking for a mircale serum to boost their bust size: The result? Boost stores reported ‘sold out’ of the Bust Fix’ breast firming creams, in 2 weeks..
Here is the article:
‘I went from 32C to 32D in one month’: New ‘miracle’ serum is latest alternative to breast surgery
“It could hail the end to padded bras and expensive cosmetic surgery.A new body serum claims to boost women’s cleavage by as much as three-quarters of a cup size in just four weeks.The ‘boob job in a tube’ works by stimulating the formation and storage of naturally-occurring fat cells in the breasts, thus boosting the size.The Bust Fix serum is the brainchild of NIP + FAB and is flying off the shelves at a rate of 1,000 tubes a minute at its peak and, in the last fortnight alone, sold 100,000 in Boots stores nationwide and online.
In independent trials on 6,000 women, two-thirds of women saw an increase of half a cup size after 12 weeks, while almost a quarter went up by three-quarters of a cup size.
The bust serum uses an ingredient called mangosteen, taken from the skin of the fruit, to prompt the production fatty acids in the breast tissue.It also ‘plumps up’ and enlarges the fat cells which already exist to more than 100 times their size.The £16.29 serum differs from rival collagen-boosting creams, which tend to target the skin around the bust – rather than the fat stores under the skin – to lift and plump up the breasts.
Erin Connor, 29, said her breasts grew from 32C to a 32D after using the cream for one month.Miss Connor, of Ringmer, East Sussex, agreed to take part in the trial after she had ‘exhausted every bust-lifting bra on the market’.She said: ‘For as long as I can remember I’ve been embarrassed about the size of my boobs.  I was never blessed in that department.‘I’ve wanted a boob job for years but could never save up enough money and to be honest I think a lot of boob jobs look false.‘I was sceptical that the cream would work but after two weeks of applying it morning and night, I could really see a difference. They were much fuller and my bras were too small. They were firmer too.‘I have definitely gone up a cup size by about three-quarters of a cup size and I’m ecstatic. I can wear uplifting bras for an even better result and there’s actually something there.’Tests by dermatological scientists found the Bust Fix increased the production of fatty acids, a process known as lipogenesis, by 57 per cent in five hours.The cream also uses plant ingredients such as green algae and quince-hydrogel to firm and lift the breasts.NIP + FAB said the serum ‘provides essential nutrients to the bust’ to improve the skin’s elasticity and thus help to smooth and lift the breasts.During trials, 85 per cent of women agreed that it ‘visibly plumped, smoothed and firmed the skin’ around the bust and neckline.”
-Now, all ‘miracle cream’ product claims should of course be taken with a grain of salt, but for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Daily Mail, this paper has one of the largest circulations of any paper in Britain. This particular paper is somewhat opportunistic and headline seeking in its approach, but aren’t all newspapers really?The Bust Fix story is sure to pop up in American news papers soon, no doubt.


So in order to help you investigate the product a little yourself and make up your own mind, here is some information on the actual ingredients in the Bust Fix cream:

From Nip + Fab’s own website:
Containing CellActive®- FORM a plant-based complex of active ingredients which supports the natural process of lipid deposition, lending fullness to the bust, it will reshape the contours of the cleavage area and optimally accentuate the feminine features.
Key benefits 1. Activation of lipid accumulation (in vitro) – Lipogenesis (formation of fat) in human adipocytes (fat cells) 2. Volume-Effect – Added breast volume, lends fullness to the cleavage area 3. Firming-Effect – Improved skin elasticity + firms skin in the cleavage area
Perfect for skin which has lost elasticity, it improves tonicity + firmness. Bust Fix contains:
cell active® form plumps + supports lipid depositionmangosteen reshapes + sculptsessential cell-boost factor smoothes + firms

BUST FIX  at Target Stores:
Nip+Fab launched Bust Fix in Target  STores on 24 Oct 2011. After a long wait  Nip+Fab launched exclusively to Target stores in the USA in October. Stores are already sold out in  several locations.



We have added on human review from a used by the name of ‘Lizzierid’, who has this to say on the Bust Fix product:
“I have been using this product for a couple of months as I wanted to improve firmness on my bust. I do not really need to plump my bust, however it does do both for me. I have tried a couple of more expensive products that did nothing. However I use this one every day, and I find it works. It smells lovely, and once dry is not sticky as are some other products. I massage it in every morning, and can say my bust is definitely firmer, and also it does increase the fullness. I can tell even from the fitting of my bras! The downside is the amount in the bottle, slightly pricey, however I will continue to use it in my beauty regime, as I do find the results worth it, especially after trying more expensive ones that did nothing! The verdict is still out on whether it has improved my décolleté much, although I have seen slight improvement , but for the bust it is a must!”


Bust Fix is currently sold at Target in ths USA and at Boots and Harvey Nichols in the UK. Some of the lowest prices for Bust Fix, you can find on this very website, though.

Also see ‘ TUMMY FIX‘ page, from a similarly effective stomach firming cream from Nip +Fab.

-We want your feedback. Have you tried to Bust Fix breast enlargement cream yourself? Did you experience an increased bust size? Or do you have any questions?  Please leave your comments on the Nip+Fab Bust Fix product here in the comment section.

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